Shawn Rogers

   Shawn Rogers, aka “Rogers”, has been an outdoorsman practically since birth, growing up in a hunting and fishing family. Rogers’s father was an avid sportsman and a farmer, and introduced him to duck hunting in the legendary tupelo breaks of the North Mississippi Delta at the young age of six years old.  As Rogers grew into a young yet prolific hunter, constantly searching for ducks and deer whenever and wherever possible, he longed to fill the void left behind when hunting season closed. Filling that void is what fostered his love of saltwater fishing.

    As a high school student Shawn began making extra money as a deckhand on both commercial fishing vessels and tournament fishing boats in the Gulf of Mexico. Soon thereafter he began guiding inshore trips in Louisiana for redfish and speckled trout, but the deep waters of the Northern Gulf of Mexico were unescapable. Roger’s began his dream of tournament fishing and quickly became known as one of the top young anglers in the game, fishing on numerous boats whenever time permitted.

   After college, Roger’s chose to go to law school and still practices today, but his passion has and always will be hunting and fishing the waters and skies of North America and beyond. Rogers is an active member of several conservation organizations, most notably and dear to his heart is Delta Waterfowl.

   Rogers spends most of his idle time dreaming about passing his life’s passions on to the next generation, especially his 6 year old daughter Olivia. “I can’t wait for her to take her first steps into a duck blind and watch the sunrise with me.”