Shawn Moody

   Shawn Moody’s waterfowl obsession began after his first hunt with his father when he was 8 years old. Throughout his young life and into high school, Shawn’s love for the outdoors grew tremendously, spending all of his spare time hunting or fishing. While Shawn’s love for the outdoors helped him grow into an accomplished all around outdoorsman, his love for waterfowl grew into a true obsession. During this time in his life, Shawn was mentored by some of Southeast Louisiana’s finest outdoorsmen and captains. Shortly after high school Shawn transformed his obsession for waterfowling into a career when he began guiding in the same marshes he grew up hunting.

   Outside of waterfowl Shawn chose the path of becoming a professional dance instructor and competitor. Like all of Shawn’s endeavors his competitive nature rocketed him to the top of competitive dance world where he won several awards and championships. Shawn and his wife Kristen, who is also a world renowned dancer, used their accomplishments and reputations to start dance studios in two cities in Southeast Louisiana. Shawn and Kristen have a beautiful daughter, Aubrey, who is currently following in their footsteps.

   No matter how busy Shawn is he always makes time to devote time to the conservation of waterfowling through his local Delta Waterfowl chapter along with several other organization both nationally and locally.