About us

E2S’s goal is to bring you, our viewer, with us on a number of exciting waterfowl hunts and fishing trips both in the US and abroad. Our intention is to leave you with an understanding of how to succeed in your own personal endeavors in the outdoors, share some tricks we’ve learned and hopefully learn some tricks from our audience along the way. The E2S crew works very hard to ensure our success in the field but even the best laid plans can and will fail and an understanding of why we failed is as essential as understanding why we succeed.



                Rogers and Moody have been friends and hunting buddies for years and while they are out pursuing their dreams their families have created an unparalleled support system for them back home.  E2S was conceived in a duck blind by Rogers and Moody while wondering how to share the incredible hunt they had just had shooting two multi species bag limits including red heads, canvas backs, teal, pintail, gadwall and widgeon. Shortly after that hunt Moody decided to quit working as a waterfowl guide and the two Shawns began formulating a plan to bring their world to you. Their dream started as a duck hunting show, until Moody hooked his first yellowfin tuna after that it became abundantly clear that with their passion for the outdoors it was only fair to begin filming and producing a lifestyle show to share all of their experiences. We hope that our viewers learn how to hunt, catch and cook all the delicacies found in nature.

                “Simply put we are two guys from southeast Louisiana who grew up hunting and fishing and now we are sharing everything we have learned and testing our knowledge around the globe. Wish us luck!”